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Middle / Senior Business Manager

   Job description:

1 responsible for the development of domestic exhibitors

2 responsible for customer orders, until the end of the project;

3 responsible for the maintenance of old customers;

4 with the implementation of the company's system, to ensure the achievement of the objectives and tasks.

5 working place: Shanghai

   Job requirements:

1 Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, art design, English, etc.;

2 2 years working experience in advertising or exhibition industry, can read CAD and design drawings is preferred;

3 excellent communication skills, negotiation and public relations skills;

4 work enthusiasm, careful, initiative, can spontaneously for the goal and efforts;

5 the men and women is not limited, the image of good is preferred.

Graphic designer

   Job description:

1 combined with the three-dimensional design and construction plan, the production of Art Poster paper;

2 responsible for part of the website design;;

3 will be the project of the project art poster file classification package, to ensure that no mistake;

4 working place: Shanghai

   Job requirements:

1 major in art design, college degree or above

2 independent graphic design and production capacity, skilled use of the relevant graphic design software: (Photoshop, illustrator, coraldraw);

3 able to finish the poster / sample design, graphic and layout;

4 familiar with the production process, familiar with the production of material, process, cycle, etc.;

5 have the real estate planning and can independently complete the whole set of journals and external publicity design priority.

International Engineering Director

   Job description:

1 supervise all the project progress and take the important role in communication with European factories;

2 organize team and assign work

3 regulatory and supplier negotiation process, must have a strong negotiation skills;

4 communication with supplier, project management and supplier management;

5 to establish a platform for communication with sales, design and factory;

6 field project management and business development.

   Job requirements:

1 Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years working experience in exhibition industry;

2 familiar with the exhibition industry to build a technology, a good solution to the problem;

3 strong negotiation skills, pay attention to detail, can be flexible according to the environment changes to arrange a good job;

4 can travel frequently

5 proficient in English and polish and basic communication skills in chinese;

6 experience and ability to manage the international team, and perform multiple tasks at the same time.

Middle / Senior Booth Designer

   Job description:

1 according to customer needs, combined with customer product features, complete the design plan;

2 according to customer requirements, the design plan is modified;

3 participate in the design of the temporary project team and provide effective suggestions;

4 to complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor.

5 working place: Shanghai

   Job requirements:

1 unique and creative ability, independent design, a successful design case;

2 proficient in 3D, graphic design and other software, solid art foundation;

3 good at communication, can accurately complete the expression of their own design ideas, innovative spirit;

4 good at coordination and communication, have good team work spirit;

Four over 5 years' experience in exhibition design.

Copy planning

   Job description:

1 to prepare a press release, micro letter manuscript;

2 maintenance company micro channel platform, news page;

3 working place: Shanghai

   Job requirements:

1 Internet experience, fluent in writing, creative planning ability, good at capturing the industry hot and strong editing ability;

2 understand the network media, familiar with the brand promotion, brand service process, have a keen market insight;

3 very strong writing skills, good communication, innovation and coordination skills, positive and optimistic;

4 skilled use of Office Microsoft and other office software;

5 have team spirit, good communication and coordination skills and a certain affinity;

CAD graphics

   Job description:

1 with the designer in a certain period of time to complete the construction drawing

2 participate in the project construction site coordination and negotiation;

3 assist the project designer in the materials and project progress;

4 can independently draw the full set of construction drawings;

5 job location: Shanghai job requirements:

1 familiar with CAD, 3DMAX;

2 character, cheerful, with strong communication, coordination ability, strong sense of teamwork

3 love the design, work responsibility, the courage to face the difficulties and pressure;

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