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Exhibition technology
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Deliberate selection of exhibitions

In the face of every hue exhibition exhibitors, to fully consider the various conditions, careful selection of the exhibition, weigh on some related issues.

Select display mode

To select the most appropriate way to display before you take part in the exhibition. The display mode can be simply divided into two categories, which are displayed in the collective and individually. Collective exhibition is defined by the government departments, trade promotion agencies and industry associations, and the organization of the company has more than two exhibitors at the exhibition is on display in the form of separate display; independently complete the display of the form. On display, the relationship between the marketing strategy and the target is not big, which is mainly related to the internal and external conditions of the exhibition, and the internal conditions of the exhibition have many human, financial, technical and experience.

Collective exhibition generally has two forms: one is collective exhibition, refers to more than two exhibitors to participate in a group exhibition, more performance for the National Museum, museum and museum industry group; two is a collective exhibition, more than two exhibitors and formed a group exhibition, this exhibition is collective the display of all. The collective exhibition in the form of more comprehensive exhibition alone.

Collective display in general have a special person in charge of the exhibition organization work, even without financial support, the charge will not be too high. Therefore, for no experience, no market knowledge, strength is not strong, small business is a good way to display, especially in the development of the international market. But the collective display area, display time, booth design, exhibition style, personnel and other aspects will be limited.

In the case that the market mechanism is not perfect, the exhibitors should do a better comprehensive survey on the project of the collective display, especially for the purpose of the organization of the intermediary organizations and the collective organization of the collective projects, but also to be cautious.

The opposite of the collective display is a solo exhibition, which is independent of the display. A separate display can be divided into single exhibition and Exhibition alone in two forms: the former is the display directly participate in an exhibition, the exhibitors can independently organize exhibition. Solo exhibition is the most common form of exhibition, not only need a certain knowledge and technology, but also need to spend considerable financial and human resources, but a separate exhibition of autonomy is relatively large, you can design their own characteristics, showing strength, more suitable for large enterprises.

The exhibition is separate exhibition tour exhibition, needs to have the knowledge and technology, the most demanding and expensive, but the effect may be the best, it is a form of display is not universal, common in the field of high-tech strength of large and super large enterprise groups. The exhibition is mainly because the enterprise organization separate customers is relatively concentrated and relatively fixed, can also prevent competitors access to the industrial secrets, improve visibility.

Different display modes have different advantages and disadvantages, the display should be based on their own needs and strength to choose the right display way, to achieve the best display effect.

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