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Exhibition technology
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Some characteristics of the plate used in the exhibition booth

1 exhibition of the density board: general use are low density board and medium density board. The processing technology is generally pine and other wood processing into small pieces, then crushed into fine powder, adding paraffin and plastic material will powder into the plate, low density, the density of the process need to have strict parameters control, in order to ensure the quality and strength and formaldehyde, etc.

2 fire board is density board surface with a coating layer of flame retardant to flame retardant effect, the thickness of 0.6mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm /1.2mm/1.5, the thinnest thickness such as a desk paper. Its surface color is various. According to the requirements of any selection. The surface is smooth and rough optional. As for the wood surface, with special glue. Compared with paint, wear resistance, and convenient construction. The exhibition generally choose 08mm thickness.

3 the exhibition is also known as a multi layer plate. For example, nine three plywood, plywood plywood etc.. International general said plywood or per plate, for example: three per cent, five per cent, nine per cent, twelve per cent, 15 per cent, 18. It is composed of two layers of structure, which is composed of a single board and a sandwich panel. Single plate is made of wood and wood. Thickness theory in 0.4~0.5mm. The plate is also a thick skin made of logs. Plate in accordance with the thickness of the plate is not one, but the thickness of the corresponding changes. Used to make a strong face in the exhibition.

The 4 exhibition with the main materials for particleboard as can be imagined, is a little wood shavings. Add some additives, processing, molding, process is simple, the raw material is cheap, is a cheap alternative. MDF properties than MDF much worse. Due to the breakage problem. But the surface of the foil. If you do not see the section, is not what the problem is.

In addition, there is a kind of called damp proof board, in fact, in the density of the board to add a moisture agent, the section is a dark green, and the density board is similar.

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