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Ten tips to ensure the success of the exhibition

How to ensure the success of the exhibition, I believe that many companies are considering this issue. This is based on the exhibition has become the most effective marketing channels, in the Convention and exhibition of the two sides will be concentrated in a few days to carry out high density approach. Generally speaking, show high investment, short time, how to make good use of valuable time during the exhibition, the investment for maximum benefit, the following ten basic tips include all aspects of the matter, has important significance to ensure the success of the exhibition!

1 don't sit. During the exhibition, sitting in the booth, the impression is that you do not want to be disturbed.

2 don't call. Make a phone call to the potential customers.

3 people do not send data. Such a rude approach may be annoying, and the cost is not cheap, not to mention you do not want to cost a very high publicity materials in the sea of lost. So how do you get the value of a lot of information to potential customers? Send it to him.

4 don't go. The exhibition is the only instrument exhibitors should pay attention to staff, customers will according to their own wishes to casual wear, such as jeans, sweaters, pants, what are. All, not because the customer is wearing a casual glance at people.

5 don't talk with other people in the booth. If you don't want visitors to stop at your booth, they will naturally go away. When you see you talking to someone, they won't bother you. Talk to the staff of the company as far as possible, and the staff of the exhibition. You should talk to potential customers, and not with your friends.

6 don't get together. If you're talking about two or more of the participating partners or other non potential customers, that's a group. In the eyes of the visitors, approaching a group of strangers is always in my heart. Create a warm, open and attractive atmosphere in your booth.

7 to make good use of the name of potential customers. People like to call their names. Trying to remember the names of potential customers, from time to time in the conversation, makes him feel important. Be bold, look at the famous brand in front of the visitor's chest, read out his name aloud. Ask the name of the hard to read. If it is a very unusual name, perhaps you are the most successful of the potential customers to build a relationship with the most successful knock.

8 to be filled with enthusiasm. As the saying goes, enthusiastic, will become warm, and vice versa. If you are an impatient look, you will become impatient and disagreeable. Ebullience invincible, is contagious. To enthusiastically promote their own businesses and products. In the view of the visitors, you represent your business. Your words and deeds and look will have a great impact on the visitors to know your business.

9 to wear a good brand name. In the exhibition, you certainly do not want to let visitors can not call out your name. If you wear a brand name on the left chest, you will make this mistake. Wear a brand name on the right side of the body, so as to shake hands with people, your brand will be closer to each other.

10 to designate a special person to receive the media. Media may be to your booth to find news, we must arrange for someone as your business and media contacts, so that you can ensure that the company's propaganda always consistent. If each participating staff can talk with the press, then you are in trouble, because no matter you on staff training on how to have, can not be unified.

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