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Exhibition technology
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What should be noticed in the booth?

Tens of thousands of spectators crowded into the exhibition, see the various manufacturers of different styles of booth, the colorful scenes often dizzying. They can hardly imagine, just before the start of the exhibition, here is a "planned and organized" chaos, transport vehicles truck drivers busy spread all across in confusion, condemnation, waiting for the arrival of your goods exhibitors. The first is the highlight of the exhibition goods on time to build and dismantle the non expert is not competent for the task.

Various kinds of exhibitions have a variety of exhibits, flying in the sky, the helicopter, the ground running on the activities can be entered into the exhibition venue, then the freight will have a corresponding different requirements. Exhibitors should be based on the contents of the goods and the number of the use of their own or rent transport loading and unloading equipment, or simply commissioned to carry the company. They can get a lot of useful advice on the show, because the latter is responsible for building process and coordination work, such as in many suppliers also came to the time to arrange the order, they also hire manpower and equipment.

On the exhibition booth construction generally there are two kinds of loading and unloading may. The first one is the direct loading and unloading, which is to say, in accordance with the construction date of the truck directly into the exhibition hall, the exhibition is responsible for unloading and intermediate storage. Because the exhibitors themselves do not have to worry about this link, can save some of the cost. Other items such as glass or Dali stone, such as the need to carry a single. In this way, we should pay attention to the time budget to play some loose, to take into account the possibility of various delays, such as traffic jams or accidents, etc.. If the number is small or in advance, it is best to concentrate on transportation. At the beginning of the goods shall be delivered to the exhibition building before handling business, by their temporary storage of goods, and in accordance with the provisions of the time to the booth location. Note that the bulky items, covering more than a best first transport site, usually in the exhibition hall without a car crane, lifting these materials, but if more than half of the booth, this machine is difficult to play. Of course, the exhibition removalist professional will try to put all the exhibits to get into the exhibition hall, sometimes performed "at a crucial moment.". If the crane and the distance on both sides of booth only ten centimeters, compared with the huge body, this gap is tan***ount to "a few". From the gate into the object cannot meet the situation, then the "big freight group" was used in a mud, they must first move objects removed from the car, and then put under its wheels, finally by hand into the hall. There is also a situation that the exhibitors themselves to unload, and not to entrust the exhibition carrier. At this time, generally in the construction site to have 11 kinds of fixed equipment for hire, including fork type loading and unloading machine and manual. To the peak of all kinds of machines, and even some special machinery, such as forklift 12 tons have been put into use, sometimes 50 machines at the same time uninterrupted work, at a glance, set up the machine on the vehicle is strewn at random, repetitious feeling. In this case, the best early exhibitors booking transportation time, ahead of time 6 - 8 circles. The service manual of the exhibition is accompanied by a booking form. Exhibitors should pay special attention to accurately fill in the following points;

Where is the material shipped? (exhibit hall and booth number) - when the material is transported? How much manpower needs?

Comparison of two methods, each one has its own merits. Hire business cost is not handling the exhibition, exhibitors Philippines, especially small and medium-sized enterprises should be very careful in reckoning. On the other hand, the carrier also has a reason, they think, the exhibitors put a package of transport plans to the carrier, which is part of the insurance policy. As a professional team because they can cover everything, for example, they can according to the professional requirements, for security reasons can not transport containers at the exhibition site reasonable storage, each of the relevant exhibitors to get a computer label, the top name, exhibition hall and the booth number, they put these labels on the empty container, to handling custody business. Handling business can also provide other services, such as measurement, transportation, storage and determine the date of dismantling temporary.

"There is no such thing as a feast", the phrase used to describe the exhibition is more appropriate. Hardships into a booth in a few days after the excitement and "withering flowers". The goods are ready to be planned before the exhibition, but it is normal for the exhibition. Since the beginning of the exhibitors difficult to decide what to bring back. The brochure was distributed and many of the exhibits will be sold. If you set up a package of contracts, the exhibition carrier is also responsible for bringing the goods to the new owner and negotiating with the Customs for the import of the goods.

The last work although also need experience, but even the most experienced removalist did not dare to boast in their customs are Passepartout, after all the conditions are different. So, the exhibitors can put booth business in a delegate, but if you think so you can sleep without any anxiety, is clearly too optimistic, until after a move to go be accomplished.

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