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The future trend of the development of the exhibition industry

Exhibition industry is facing severe challenges, which is reflected in the following two aspects:

First, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, reducing the cost has become a key based on the market. According to the experience of the experts, the market depends on the situation of the economic boom. During the boom, companies have more generous budget, greatly small exhibitions were attending, and luxury booth, pocket money like mine. However, when the economic downturn, they will have to be overcautious, be uncertain, even participate in the exhibition, not extravagant, the layout had to yinloujiujian. From the general situation, enterprises in the exhibition is tightening spending, so many enterprises have taken the strategy is to give up the small lose a pawn to save a castle, the exhibition focused on human resources in the large exhibition.

Second, other media rapid development, the company has a variety of information and contact with the outside world broadcast channel, so a certain representative point of view, since the enterprise through the computer network can go beyond the limits of time and space, contact with anyone, it is not a constant as before, not to participate in the exhibition can not, in other words, compared with those in the electronic media, from the "market" the exhibition seems to be behind the times. What is the prospect of the exhibition industry? This is a positive attitude to the industry to put forward a strong argument, which is that the manufacturers and the audience in the face of the audience, targeted contact and exchange. In this people through the conversation, but also through the non language form of exchange, mutual understanding, build trust. This exchange is completely clear, It differs from man to man. so it is easy to obtain result. This is the place where the exhibition has no substitute. Some high-tech products or services, in particular the need for professional personnel to explain and demonstrate to customers, to participate in the exhibition is particularly important.

But these two aspects of the challenge is the objective existence of the exhibition must actively adapt to these changes, the use of effective measures, to remain invincible in the long term. Many experts have discussed this, the common opinion is that the status of the exhibition must be redefined, to participate in the exhibition and the entire public relations work, corporate image building and the promotion of organic integration, to take all possible measures to reduce the cost of participation. The implementation of these principles first reflected in the design and construction of the booth. Booth design should reflect and strengthen the corporate image, reflect the spirit of the enterprise. The exhibition is no longer a stall selling goods, it should not be isolated presentation of individual products, but a product as the carrier through means of the whole enterprise integrated display, it has the ability of its class, in addition to the product itself, the introduction and promotion, these means also includes extensive dissemination of information, communication, advertising, public relations and consulting etc.. To make the audience understand the product, but also to a certain extent, deepen the impression of the enterprise. Therefore in the booth design and construction, to focus on the center, to achieve the following:

Make full use of various possible elements, for example, the formation of the booth, materials, sound, light, color and other decorative items, and constantly give the audience a fresh sense, stimulate their curiosity, so that they are interested in the booth, and then produce the desire to talk to the exhibition. The design of the booth to emphasize human nature, at the same time in space and atmosphere can make people convenient to talk, if this is "hidden but beautiful spot" feeling, and imitated Buddha bin to be the ideal.

Supporting the use of the elements of the booth should also help to enhance the conversation content of the staff to persuade, so that the customer's moment of interest in the limited time and space can be repeatedly confirmed and strengthened, for the exhibition after the link to lay the foundation.

Booth design also takes into account other activities organized by the business plan during the exhibition. More and more big companies take the exhibition as a good place to conduct public relations activities, in addition to the exhibition itself, they also held a variety of meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and other activities during the exhibition. On the other hand, the new requirements for the construction of the stand is put forward. In the final analysis, the attitude of the enterprise to exhibitors is also determined by whether the economy is cost-effective. Therefore, in the guarantee of the effect of the same time, but also a good economic accounts, as far as possible the use of new, can be used in the booth material, carefully study the design plan to reduce unnecessary expenses. In a nutshell, for the enterprise, of course, less money to do the best. But it's easier said than done, it's hard to do. It requires a booth design and construction personnel more imaginative, creative and flexible.

So now there is a trend, that is, the major companies began to withdraw from the interior of the Department, and the whole design of the exhibition organized by the exhibition organization committee and similar advertising companies, from the booth design to all kinds of supporting activities organized by the latter responsible for planning, organization and implementation. On the one hand, improve the professional level of cultural exhibition construction, on the other hand also gave the possibility of the enterprise. So the pressure on the price and time of the Service Corporation is often very large, but it may also be the only way to effectively promote the professional development of the exhibition industry, so that it is more adapted to the requirements of market competition.

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