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Enterprise exhibitors how to get the expected results of the show

Enterprises to participate in a show, the purpose is to obtain the best effect of exhibitors. Due to the short duration of the exhibition, and the scene of the environment noisy, crowded, to get the desired results, exhibitors should pay attention to the following points:

1, exhibition site arrangement. And many exhibitors booth for relatively small enterprises, in the show and the audience discussion space will be relatively narrow and crowded, it is difficult to achieve the smooth progress of the transaction, it is necessary to hire the meeting room in the exhibition hall around the hotel, hotel, or staying in the hotel room and customer contact, which can not only create more a relaxed environment, and can use the night time for more extensive and in-depth contact with dealers.

2, uniform diameter response. The principle is that all the people should be unified caliber, can not be the same investment policy errors, otherwise it will lead to dissatisfaction with customers. This requires prior communication, will cause misunderstanding of the investment policy in-depth exchanges, a specific problem of the use of what kind of rhetoric, in the face of different dealers how to handle, it needs to give a detailed clear solution.

3, post reasonable allocation. According to the exhibitors ability and experience, job assignments, business negotiation, liaison, logistics, exhibition information collection, everything should be specific to the person, prioritize, so that we can cooperate in actual combat, complement each other.

4, pay attention to the image of etiquette. Any exhibitors are on behalf of the enterprise with customers, how the personal behavior of corporate brand, not a piece of cake. First is a man to do the market, dealers have the strength, if the quality is too bad can not be the development of agents; the same, good dealers will be such a study of business. The quality of the staff to reflect the corporate culture, corporate culture, the dealer will be at a distance. Therefore, all the exhibitors should pay attention to their own image, in the face of customers to be neither humble nor pushy. In dress, it is best to wear a uniform corporate business attire.

5, flexible policy. For example, involving agricultural products areas tend to behave differently in different regions, differences in climate, crop distribution, drug habits, agricultural production level, the degree of economic development, the agricultural products, packaging, delivery time, delivery for the first time the number of needs are not the same, it cannot make dealers must comply with the same terms in order to obtain qualified agents. In the face of these circumstances, enterprises need to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the overall situation of flexible application of investment policy.

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