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How to plan a successful exhibition?

How to plan a successful exhibition?

16% rules

To put your time and energy on the blade, because only 16% of the visitors will be interested in the service of a single product, in order to determine the cost efficiency and the number of potential sales leaders.

Goal of development

Get a certain number of sales leaders signed a certain amount of sales contract, delivery of new products and services related to the press reports, product test market new or updated, contact and contact some specific trade enterprises, or is the object of increasing direct mail order.


Booth space, construction and removal, special advertising gifts, transportation costs, audio-visual equipment, electricity expenses, telephone services, ancillary materials, personnel purpose, advertising, air tickets and hotel accommodation, etc..

Write key words for your exhibition.

Design a theme for your exhibition. If you're trying to touch a particular group, you have to design a theme to show your intent.

to send out invitations

Send invitations to potential customers who are truly interested in, show your booth and some new services and new product news, you can also cooperate with the special invitation exhibition exhibitors to provide you with. We suggest that 25% of the funds spent on an exhibition.

Create an attractive booth environment

Remember, a trade show, your booth should be in less than 5 seconds to cause a customer's attention. If your stand is used for more than 4 years, you should use the new color and layout.

Selected special advertising

Ask visitors to fill out the survey form, and then send a full of innovative and practical gifts.

Training staff

Let your employees receive training, learn to introduce products and provide services, familiar with the show's etiquette, know how to reach a deal, to develop a sales leader, so that trade remains active.

Select the striking image

To identify yourself at the trade fair image, let employee participation, benefit by mutual discussion. Sometimes, a suit can be a good choice; sometimes, a fitting, matching jacket or a T-shirt can lead to potential customers and seek help.

Contact media

Send your press release to the news media, including new product information and services, and then copy some of the old product information in order to distribute in the exhibition.

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