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Transportation, insurance and exhibition of exhibits in the exhibition

How will the exhibits on time and safely and economically to the countries participating in the pavilion, and shipped back home? Generally entrusted Sinotrans company (Sinotrans and usually in the transport Proxy Companies to the exhibition). According to the requirements of the company Sinotrans, the exhibition organizers should provide relevant exhibits information, address, date of the exhibition, the recipient, and exhibits the package number, mark, pack, breakdown of size, gross and net weight, and total volume and weight.

There should be a reminder of the matter:

A, time of arrival, the best a little leeway to prevent the port to the exhibition hall on the way the accident delays. But the arrival time is not too early to increase the storage cost of two exhibits will increase the possibility of damage;

Two, exhibits the use of export packaging, with container transport conditions, to make use of container transport; in bulk shipment, as far as possible in the loading when considering unloading port convenient.

Three, marks, number, loading and shipping marks to clear up on the box drawer props marks, to take the general development in the country to capitalize the first letter, plus the year such as 1988 to Italy exhibition, exhibition marks, you can set for extra props for brush marks, and various types of marks, marks, usually: No. 3, volume, weight, hanger instructions symbols and rain, fragile and other safety signs.

What needs to be explained is:

A customs, send two copies of the list of exhibits


- breakdown: usually exhibits inventory, sell goods inventory, should pass goods inventory, exhibition props inventory;

Department of languages and language, the exhibition abroad exhibitions in the country language contrast;

Some countries require that each exhibits gross and net weight.

Two, the need to hand over the National Export Commodity Inspection Bureau issued by the commodity inspection certificate.

Three, for certain food, fur products, etc., yet to issue a quarantine certificate.

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