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The exhibition goods inspection guide

A range of inspection

The entry and exhibition of the entry into the international exhibition and its packaging materials, transportation, etc..

Two, inspection requirements

The exhibition items before entry or entry, the owner or his agent shall present the relevant certificate check inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine institution, the inspection and quarantine institutions "issued by the Immigration Customs clearance of goods according to the relevant provisions". The entry of exhibits is not necessary for quality inspection.

The entry to display items stored after the inspection and quarantine personnel to implement on-site quarantine of containers, immigration and quarantine treatment, and according to the relevant provisions of the entry of sampling. After field inspection and quarantine or quarantine inspection of qualified products, can enter the exhibition hall, the inspection and quarantine agencies during the exhibition. For the treatment of the non conformity and non - effective treatment method of the quarantine.

The exhibition items must accept the supervision and administration of inspection and quarantine personnel during the exhibition, only for exhibition, without the license shall not be used for other purposes. After the exhibition, all items must be in the Exhibition Entry Inspection and quarantine personnel under the supervision by the owner or his agent returned, purchased or destroyed.

Hire purchase exhibition items, its nature has become the goods inspection by the exhibits, people should handle the formalities of application for inspection. Re inspection requirements and inspection requirements of similar imported goods. Inspection and quarantine institutions shall be released by the standard of the qualified goods.

Returned goods exhibition, issued by the official quarantine certificate shall apply for inspection to the inspection and quarantine institutions before exit quarantine inspection or quarantine treatment, qualified after the issuance of the certificate, allowed to leave the country.

Three, inspection of documents should be provided

The inspection, should fill out the "single entry inspection of goods" and provide the contract (or the correspondence), invoice, bear, (transport) single related certificate.

From the United States, Japan, South Korea and the European Union Exhibition ENTRY, applicant shall submit the relevant quarantine certificate or declaration in accordance with the relevant provisions of the wood packaging.

Plants and animals that need to be approved by the quarantine examination and approval shall provide the relevant quarantine approval procedures.

Entry Exhibition for the old mechanical and electrical products should be based on the old mechanical and electrical products for the relevant certificate.

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