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Exhibition knowledge
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The company should pay attention to the exhibition Hongkong Exhibition Problems

1, the Hongkong exhibition to build the previous month for Hong Kong and Macao Permit.

2 with a good conversion plug, because Hongkong and abroad, even the mobile phone charger is British Heavy tripod plug, so it is best to bring their own improvement such as plug, forgot to buy 10 yuan / month in the Hongkong market, or to the hotel front desk to borrow, almost all of Hongkong's hotels will be prepared! Know the mainland of the past will be used.

3 to Hongkong exhibition building, at the Bank of Shenzhen on the Hong Kong dollars. Good in the streets of Hongkong are also on the store is very convenient, but the exchange rate will let you lose. With their slippers, because the hotel does not provide disposable slippers, don't get the authentic athlete's foot.

4 wash supplies, needless to say, I think it is good, the hotel is not particularly good.

5 Hongkong exhibition days is relatively small, generally 1 to two days, 3 days are seldom at home. It is a good night to 10 points for general and do not charge overtime costs. Unlike domestic per square per hour charge.

6, the Hongkong exhibition manual is very expensive, big industry, big industry generally 800 Hong Kong dollars / day (electrician \ \ wood art), small 400-600 HK / days, and is divided into different periods, 9:00-18:00 a, 18:00-22:001 a, 22:00-24:00 half; and 3 in the afternoon to provide bread and soft drinks to the workers, because this is inherent in Hongkong tea habit. Don't look at the afternoon tea is also very expensive, probably in a 35-40 dollars. There are 10 people that is terrible! Because you have a snack at 40 yuan / share. The Hongkong Labor Bureau on hold tourist or business visa to work in Hongkong people very serious punishment, so the workers are Hongkong residents.

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