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How to make the economic benefits of the exhibition

In the face of the exhibition invite enterprises to come in a throng, whether to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition which can bring benefits, how to make full use of exhibition communication enterprise information, and how strong opponents with competitive exhibition and a series of problems are confused, how to really make this to play the role of the problem involves the exhibition.

Have good plan

The planning of the exhibition marketing, enterprises generally exist two different views and practice: some enterprises, including some well-known domestic large enterprises, is still not out of marketing management extensive, often rush to fight, the exhibition marketing work is lack of pertinence, organizing and planning is still in the imitation stage, the lack of in-depth research and innovation of its own brand unique style, unique selling proposition etc..

Another kind of enterprises in the exhibition before the earlier time to develop a strict and even harsh exposition marketing plan to guide the work carried out. But in most cases, the original plan to work with the actual situation of the show, consumer demand, social trends, and therefore, the effect of the exhibition also greatly reduced the effect of the show, the marketing has not played its due role, mainly in the following areas:

First of all, the lack of scientific and effective marketing work plan. In the face of a multitude of names of the exhibition, which failed to be elected on a timely and appropriate match with the enterprise marketing plan of the exhibition, exhibitors blindly.

Secondly, the lack of strategic planning, the exhibition will only be the work of the show as a transactional work, for exhibitors and exhibitors. What is the ultimate purpose of the exhibition? Who is going to spread what information? How to attract target audience? How to make the communication win? These problems have not been considered in depth.

Third, in the process of organizing and planning exhibition, there is a lack of good communication between the enterprise's internal decision-making management layer, the enterprise and the outside of the enterprise, resulting in the deviation of the organization mode and the purpose of the exhibition planning. For example, the company wants to promote the product, brand culture and stand to build the style, the way the organization's way out of the way.

Finally, in the formulation of the budget and overestimated the return of the show, resulting in the proportion of investment and output of the show is not coordinated. Recently, there has been a tendency of the domestic exhibition - booth construction, the organization of the activities of the big, seeking luxury, while ignoring the performance of the event itself.

The popularization of the exhibition to the right path

In the exhibition marketing work done more excellent enterprises, there are some commonalities exist: the first step is according to the development plan and marketing objectives of the company, to the advantage of the enterprise resources (products, information, technology, service) analysis or the demand, then pour on the selected road show to promote timely, and finally from the planning consider how resources surprise.

Secondly, the formulation of the exhibition plan to implement the organization work to have flexibility, including the future changes in the competition and competition, it is necessary to feedback and adjust the mechanism.

Finally, the exhibition organization and exhibition planning should have strict process and division of responsibilities, and have a person in charge of the project, emphasize the coordination of the enterprise internal and external coordination unit. Often hear some business owners complained that the idea is this, but the company to the outside of the booth and activities of the company and the activities of the brand and the product out of line, and to change the program due to the urgency of time and become impossible, so that business owners feel depressed. Part of the enterprise internal organization is very loose, so that the collection of information on the show is not collected, the promotion did not do a good job.

In general, the exhibition marketing is a complex project, must be careful on the plan and promotion mode, surprise, the scientific division of labor, strict execution, in order to show the true role of marketing.

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