Shanghai modern culture Co. Ltd is a service outlets in 26 countries in 102 areas, can provide global one-stop service for customers, we choose......

So far, the company has successfully served customers in Germany, the United States, Japan, Hongkong and China hundreds of exhibitions and theme exhibition activities....

Shanghai modern culture limited news center, we not only update the news of our company, we also provide the latest global exhibition information, welcome your visit......

Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we can create the most professional solutions for you, solve your global exhibition brand image, choose modern to provide you with one-stop global brand activation......

We provide professional services for many of the world's top 500 enterprises, welcome your visit......

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Invite to one's side men of wisdom and Valor

If you would like to, I hope you can help us a favor, the resume is more competitive:

1, I hope you read the job description carefully cast your resume, Shanghai Modern Culture Communication Co., do not want you to consider early defect, and delay your valuable time.

2, Shanghai Modern Culture Communication Co., tailor-made for you with your resume template, you only need the detailed information, we will be the first time to retrieve and meet the requirements for the candidates

Communicate effectively.

3, please refer to the Shanghai Modern Culture Communication Co. Ltd. job description, accurately fill out the job, for the first time we retrieve your information.

4, please apply for the title of the job title to be delivered, otherwise we will be very difficult to search your resume

5, if you are applying for my creative class or brand consulting class, please add your attachment to the case, the number of works is not less than 3 copies,

So we have a deeper understanding of your ability.

6, please add your passport or photo in your resume, so we archive management

7, do not recommend that you deliver the Shanghai modern culture limited in a number of positions, you can choose more in line with your occupation planning application, so we can be more targeted to communicate if

We have more suitable for your position, also will recommend to you in time.

8, do not recommend that you not to make an appointment automatically volunteered, we are not welcome, but worry because there is no prior arrangement, ignore you.

9, if your resume, I hope your patience, we will get in touch with you in 5 days. Of course, if there is no contact you, perhaps we can not cooperate for the time being,

Your resume will be kept in good care of us.

If you are Communication Co. Ltd. Shanghai modern culture, if you are a friend if you need to find a job, this friend is what we want:

1, you can through the Shanghai Modern Culture Communication Co., Ltd. official website, recommended an attachment to the specified mailbox, and indicate your sponsor name department and position.

2, you can put his basic information and your recommendation to make a brief introduction of the I

3, you can in your resume and inform you of the person recommended, let him look at the Shanghai modern culture Limited

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