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Department of Computer Science from the University of Arizona developed ICON language is a kind of string handling and structural features of the programming language, has been able to run on the WINDOWS version, and Tsinghua University Press has published by Professor Zhang Weiguo edited " ICON language course ", Chinese readers self very convenient. After a period of study, I have been able to write some short programs for learning, study. For example, the use of the collected corpus, some Chinese special sentence, such as "bei", "Ba", were studied. The specific method is: Firstly, written corpus retrieval software for targeted search save search results qualified as a separate file, then you can carry out these sentences structure, collocation, research and other aspects of frequency. It should be noted that the search results so obtained are generally presented in unit of output, a line does not necessarily contain a complete sentence, so many important language information can not be found, therefore, you can write a program that makes files line of a sentence (or clause) is arranged in the form, and then retrieve the results thus obtained to the sentence (or clause) in the form of output, we can carry out more in-depth analysis and study of the language-specific phenomenon.

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