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Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was established in April 2005, Binzhou large General Aviation City limited liability company, the Austrian Diamond Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. joint venture to produce diamond DA40 series aircraft of general aviation aircraft manufacturers. Companies registered capital of 14 million US dollars, with a total investment of $ 42 million, designed annual production capacity of 500, The production capacity of 108.

The company has four unique, namely: It is the only access to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified the machine manufacturer, is the only Sino-foreign joint production of all-composite airframe of the aircraft manufacturing company, is the only to get the product sold to the world general aviation manufacturing companies around the license, to fill the domestic fixed-wing general aviation 2-4 seat all-composite airframe aircraft manufacturers blank.

The company has 28,700 square meters of the plant, which can meet the needs of the production of composite materials, the aircraft parts processing, and then the whole production aircraft the entire production line. Company employees 240 people, including 156 people have college education and 10 have master's degree, the State Council special allowance of experts.

DA40 aircraft have broad market prospects, the model can be widely used in flight training, border patrol, forest fire prevention in many areas, disaster relief, aerial photography, flying clubs, private flying and so on, it is the ideal model for business aviation, travel and tourism . Currently, 90% of domestic pilot training organizations and institutions have the DA40 aircraft as the main trainer, the company has major customers Civil Aviation University of China, the Great Northern Wilderness navigation, naval aviation school, Erdos navigation, Kim Seung navigation, Xinjiang Tianxiang aviation school, Nanshan flight College, Anhui blue sky flying hospital, Qingdao nine days Hebei Zhiyuan navigation, navigation Huaxiang Zhuhai, Hainan Dapeng navigation, Baotou Public Xiang navigable, Beijing Hina business jet, pilot navigation, Beijing Wanrun aviation, the Yellow River navigable, Gansu Rui-lan Navigation and clients in the UK, Austria, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

The company is a major focus area in Shandong Province first (set) technology and equipment companies, and to identify and national high-tech enterprise certification through the provincial enterprise technology center. The company owns a patent, nine utility model patents and six software copyrights.

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