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Fujian Haiyuan Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002529) is one based on green technology industry leader and advocate of complete sets of mechanical and electronic integration equipment, energy-saving lightweight products manufacturer, attributable to the industry supported by the state of the equipment manufacturing industry and environmental protection industry, is the world's most product categories, one of the largest suppliers of hydroforming technology and equipment, advanced manufacturing and is a typical representative of Chinese creativity.

The company was awarded the "2007 China Growth hundred" Article 4, "2009 Forbes list of the most potential of SMEs," the eighth, "China's top 500 private", "China Building Material Machinery manufacturing 20", is a provincial high-tech enterprises and three major makers of national industry standards, "China's first hydraulic molding equipment manufacturing", "Chinese ceramic machinery enterprises", "Chinese wall machinery leading enterprises", "2012 Chinese creative technology", "sea West Highland industry professionals, "" the first Fuzhou City Government quality Award "," China Building materials Science and technology (Science and technology progress category) award "," National employment and security advanced private enterprise "and" famous Chinese trademark "and other honors. The company through quality management system certification, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management system III system. Chairman Mr. Li Liangguang was named "2010 National Model Worker", "2006 National Machinery Industry outstanding entrepreneurs", "Fujian second outstanding scientific and technological talents," "Eleventh Fujian Province outstanding entrepreneurs" enjoy special government allowances, he was elected the twelfth Fujian deputies.

Except among the industry leader, the company also associated with a wide range of core competitiveness, actively explore strategic direction equipment industry chain to develop into intelligent technology and equipment and energy-saving lightweight composite materials for the two wings of the high-tech enterprises, and build related diversified development strategy platform of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, new applications. The company currently has Fujian Haiyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Yi Ante New Building Materials Co., the source of three-dimensional printing high-tech Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries, a post-doctoral research station, the source of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Haixi Jianxin Materials Engineering research center, built in the source of R & D center construction, enterprise technology Center has been recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center.

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