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Founded in 2005, Beijing Tricolor Technology is a leader in the manufacturing of professional, leading edge, A / V system products. These excellent products include Video Wall Process controllers Edge Blending processors, Fiber Optic Equipment, Matrix Switches, with no switch artifact, Twisted -Pair Converters and Splitters.

There is an excellent, second to none, world-class, R & D team in Tricolor. Their incisive knowledge, and their passion for the development of products, enables our company to bring, to the global market, very advanced systems, with the added advantage of increasing the bottom line. Tricolor is a world-wide leader in the Image processing and matrix switching industry, having experienced explosive growth in the last few years, and we offer the very best support and customer service, period! That's what set us apart , and always will.

Our mission is to bring the highest quality at the best price point to our customers. Beijing Tricolor is committed to mutual cooperation with you, to achieve common success, in partnership, to create a bright future for the A / V industry, and all of our partners.

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