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Newtrend Group was founded in Shenzhen City, China in 2001,  we specialize in the development and  innovative production of fine chemical products. Our primary products include Sucralose, Glycine (amino acetic acid), sodium sulfite, and calcium chloride.


Newtrend’s focuses are quality and safety, as well the development and research of food additives and fine chemicals, owning self-core patent techniques has led Newtrend Group to rank within the top tier of the industry. Our facilities contain modern equipment and GMP workshops and are certified by ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008; BRC,cGMP,HACCP, Kosher and Halal international certificates. All of our products strictly follow FCC/USP/NF/BP /EP/EC/JEFCA standards.


Newtrend Group has six subsidiary companiesJi An Newtrend Technology CO.,Ltd., Jiangxi Ansun Chemical Technology CO., Ltd, Newtrend Food Ingredient (Thailand) CO.,Ltd, Shenzhen Newtrend International Co.,Ltd,  Newtrend USA Co.,Ltd. and Xi Zang Newtrend Fine Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.  Combined Newtrend Group has globally become the largest sucralose and food grade glycine manufacturer.


With years’ of experience in the food additive and ingredient industry, we’ve built long-term cooperative relationships with many top-500 multinational companies, all while establishing strategic partnerships with our customers. Newtrend Group’s vision is to be the global driving force of the food ingredient industry, making relentless efforts to create quality sustainable ingredients, to make life healthier!

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