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Lovol Heavy Industry CO.,LTD. (Lovol) is a large-scale industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise primarily specializing in agricultural equipment, construction machinery, vehicles, core components, financial services and other businesses. Founded in 1998, the company now has total assets of 16.1 billion Yuan and 16,000 employees. In 2014, the sales revenue has reached 21.98 billion RMB. The brand value of Lovol is evaluated as 35.553 billion RMB by the World Brand Lab.

In China, Lovol has been identified as the "National Key High-Tech Enterprise", while its engineering and technology research institute is identified as the "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center", and moreover, its leading products have been awarded as "Chinese Famous Brand", "Chinese Famous Trademark" and "Most Competitive Brand”.

Lovol is the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in China and it provides information, technology, products and other sets of agricultural mechanization solutions to customers on the basis of world-level leading technology and service.

The sales of combine harvesters have been ranked 1st for 14 consecutive years in the industry, covering a market share of 70% in China. Large and medium tractors have also been leading the industry in market share for 10 consecutive years. At the same time, it’s one of the fastest growing brands in construction machinery industry, available provide users with full range of products of loaders, excavators and rotary drilling rigs.

Technology innovation is the soul of enterprise. To keep up with international standards in R&D abilities, Lovol has established the global R&D system with R&D centers in Europe, Japan, Weifang and Tianjin. Lovol has been introducing the quality resources globally in terms of product, technology and personnel and utilizing the strengths of team, system, culture and management to realize value addition and creation in all links of value chain and keep the core technology up with the international standards.

Based on its leading position in China, Lovol is also active in overseas markets. By now, it has established the business network covering agricultural equipment, construction machinery, vehicle and engine exported to more than 120 countries and regions including Europe, America, Asia Pacific, CIS, Africa and so on with 380 first-class distributors. The export of tractors has been the 1st for ten consecutive years in the field.

Looking into the future, Lovol will focus on China market and keep its leading position. Lovol will transform from a regional company into a global enterprise by building up China as the center of global off-road industry and it is also dedicated to become a machinery and equipment brand known in the world and famous in China.

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