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SANKING established in 1976 in Taiwan and has serviced for thermoplastic piping system more than 35 years. Xiamen Sanli Industry Piping Co., Ltd is a professional Sino-foreign equity joint venture engaged in producing and distributing UPVC, CPVC, HT-CPVC and PP plastic rubber piping materials, valves and supporting piping pieces. In early 1990s, the company’s products were already sold and used in the Chinese mainland. Along with the constant expansion of the market demand, the company entered Siming Park, Xiamen Tong’an Centralized Industrial Zone in 2004, covering an area of 5,220 square meters. Sanking has Xiamen Sanideng Plastics Industry Co., Ltd and Xiamen Ganglu Precision Industry Co., Ltd as its subsidiaries. Sanideng, as the first enterprise to adopt precision machinery in processing and manufacturing valves and piping pieces domestically, and prides the most advanced extruding machine Krauss Maffei and the plastic injecting machines ranging from 650 tons to 1,800 tons. Its mould factory, founded in Xiamen in 2007, owns high-precision CNC, numerical control lathe, EDM and other precision manufacturing equipment.

Xiamen Sanideng Plastics Industry Co.,ltd persists in the aim of profession, precision and service in every step, including R&D, design, die sinking, incoming quality control, injection, pressure-test examination and delivery so that its products conform to ANSI, DIN, JIS, CNS and other national standards and feature in high security, fine sealing performance and smaller twisting force compared with general products in case of hand-operated start. The company has passed ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, European CE (SGS) Certificate and American NSF 14 Certificate. Its products are widely on sale in Europe, North & south America, Southeast Asia and so on.

We have confidence and ability to satisfy every customers by our reliable quality, advanced technology, rich experience in production, high efficient sale teams and convenient service networks. Pursuit of a successful businessman is the spirit and the value, while a vulgar businessman is in pursuit of price and profit. The former often get fame and profit, but the latter both go missing. Successful commercial enterprises must be beneficial to customers, partners, employees, and society in nowadays.

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