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Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd. is a global leader for design and manufacturing of internet High Definition (HD) multimedia terminals and a system solution provider for customers worldwide.

Shenzhen Mele has been leading the trend of introducing multimedia internet devices and applications into living rooms. Shenzhen Mele's forward-looking market research, proven technological expertise and acumen, mature and efficient development process, ever-expanding manufacturing capacity and capability, rigorous quality assurance measures , enables Shenzhen Mele to win competitions by product innovation, feature differentiation, and time to market. Shenzhen Mele has a long history of successful track records of providing Original Product-planning Manufacturing (OPM) services and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services to our premium brand customers globally, and providing internet multimedia terminals with Shenzhen Mele's own brand to our consumers in China.

Shenzhen Mele's multimedia terminal products manifest the direction of digital evolution of future home. Shenzhen Mele's products integrate internet applications, local area network (LAN) content browsing and sharing, data storage, data transport, HD multimedia playback and recording, HD digital TV playback and recording, multimedia home theater system, multimedia player and DVD combo, SoundBar multimedia player, camera and mobile phone etc. Shenzhen Mele's system solutions include remote content distribution, device configuration and management, and product and feature customization for service providers, and remote data transport and content management service for end customers.

Shenzhen Mele is devoted to Complete Customer Satisfaction (CCS). We provide 7x24 around the clock services. We always solve customer issues by investigating root causes and addressing source of a problem. We strive for daily improvement and continuous progress in our course of pursuing perfectionism . Our corporate vision, our corporate social responsibility, and our down-to-the-earth working style of "starting from me" motivate our staff to work harder and smarter everyday. We sincerely believe that Innovations Enriches Quality Life.

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