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Founded in 1980, KML, and always adhering to the professional spirit of exploration, bearings and transmission parts in the field of intensive accumulated a solid technical support forces. Today, KML has been in the field of bearings and transmission parts, professional services, has won wide recognition from customers, customers around the world in 51 countries and regions, in particular enjoyed a good reputation in South America, Africa and other regions.

KML China not only has a first-class technical team, more importantly, it has a strong supply chain integration capabilities, a broad product line to provide customers with comprehensive, one-stop, personalized procurement services. Currently KML product line has covered: industrial bearings, automotive bearings, belts products, PTO-shaft, passenger cars and commercial vehicles and other accessories, and can be customized and personalized products according to customer demand procurement. All products have been ISO9001 and TS16949 testing and certification, KML will bring you excellent quality, cost-effective products.

Customer service center is always KML unwavering business purpose, customer satisfaction is the greatest recognition of KML, KML will continue its efforts in the field of card trailer parts, the pursuit of excellence, the KML product to the various regions of the world, so that more KML and more customers to enjoy first-class products and services.

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