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Zhejiang Jixiang Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd. is a professional motorcycle helmet manufacturing and research and development of domestic and foreign marketing company, is China's leading helmet manufacturers and OEM orders at home and abroad to undertake large-scale suppliers.

    Over the years, companies with advanced technology, strict management standards and international advanced production equipment, production of various kinds of high-quality, high-grade motorcycle helmet. Annual production capacity of over one million. Products sold throughout the country, has been exported to the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, the UK, Spain, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chile and other countries and regions, the majority of users.

    The new plant covers an area of 60 acres, the number of nearly 1,000 employees. And Wenzhou, Mexico, the United States has its own warehouse. Company products through the ISO-9001 quality national standards, the US DOT standards, the European ECE certification. And in 2007 we imported the world's most advanced helmet testing equipment from Italy, in order to ensure product quality.

    Company inception adhere to the road of his own brand, after years of painstaking efforts, the company's brand in the United States, has a certain reputation. The company has been away from the quality and efficiency - the quality scale road full sense of quality extended from work, efficiency, style, service and gradually fostered "Quality is manufactured, quality is a conscious behavior, service the users, let quality write the dignity of "the quality culture. Ensure high quality is the cornerstone of our strategy.

    We plan to build a transnational century enterprise, a world-renowned Chinese brand, welcome the community to visit our company, and to all people of insight to work together to create wealth, and jointly create a wonderful life.

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