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Vontron reverse osmosis membrane product quality and technical level among the industry leader, it is widely used in drinking water, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, municipal water treatment, industrial high water, boiler feed water, desalination, electronics industry ultrapure water , wastewater treatment and reuse of materials and concentrated purification and other industries.

Among them, the anti-oxidation film and the anti-pollution film having intellectual property and leading edge technology has not only been well used in wastewater treatment, and more to capture the long-standing problem of reverse osmosis membrane applications - organic and biological pollution, and promote the reverse osmosis membrane Drug purification, promotion and wide application of sterile drinking water, food and health.

Vontron reverse osmosis membrane through the ISO9001 certification, the United States NSF certification and WQA certification, dealers and agents have their own fixed customer base across the globe.

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