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  Beijing Daheng Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd (Short for"DahengLaser") is a subsidiary of Daheng New Epoch Technology,lne ( Stock Name:  DHKJ. Stock Code: 600288).
    Daheng Laser has been specialized in developing and producing high quality laser cutting machine since building of 2000.With the close cooperation with the worldwide leading laser manufacturers, Rofin, GSI, Coherent and Synard,we enrich our experience in laser cutting machine tech n ology and apply for many patented core laser tech n ologies for our machine.
    Daheng Laser creates the brand---WORLDCUT whose series machine have been sold to more than 40 countries or areas until now and well known with his good qualityin all over the world. What is more,the technical personnel from the countries and areas who have received good technology training from WORLDCUT are supporting clients 'after-sales service with the locallanguage.
    WORLDUCT series laser cutting machine are produced by the factory which is located inYi Zhuang economic area of Beijing. To provide the good pre-sales and after-sales service to the domestic customer, Daheng Laser set up marketing and service team in Pudong New area of Shanghai and Zhuhai area of Guangzhou.

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